Freight Forwarding. Consolidation. Documentation

Expect superior service every step of the way — from expert assistance in finding the right product to fit a particular need or budget to logistical solutions throughout the entire import/export process.

Logistical Solutions

Banlu Tires holds strategic alliances with multiple freight forwarders to best serve a client's needs. We will also work with any freight forwarder a client chooses.

In addition, the Banlu Tires team is readily available to supervise the loading of containers, assuring maximum use of the container space. Plus, clients can always count on the availability of Banlu Tires' facilities.

Short-Term Strategies

Control your product availability by mixing short-term shipping tactics. With Banlu Tires' help, you can implement multiple shipping channels to maximize timelines. For example, a container from Miami can reach Cartagena, Colombia, in just five days.

Long-Term Strategies

Our access to China-Direct distributors gives importers even more long-term purchasing power. Banlu Tires can help you analyze product, price and shipping alternatives that can save considerable time and money.

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Get a Quote on Tires
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